Why Stop Losses Actually Increase Risk

Why Stop Losses Actually Increase Risk

In this video we are going to to discuss stop losses, why they are a bad idea and why they actually increase risk, despite what pretty much everyone says, they are a bad idea.

Small down movement lock in losses when the shares might rebound quickly.

When shares gap over a stop loss, you might not notice.

They create a false sense of security, especially with the threat of gapping, you might not pay attention as closely to news and your portfolio if you feel safe with your stops.

Use stop losses at your own peril, in most cases they increase risk, lock in losses and give you a false sense of security



3 Big Mistakes New Investors Make

3 Big Mistakes New Investors Make

When you new and excited to invest, you’re probably a little overwhelmed with everything like setting up a brokerage account, what all the symbols mean, how to put a buy/sell order in, how to find a good investment, which company at what price, what the hell are greeks, how do options work, etc…

But none of those things, though they are important have anything to do with the 3 big mistakes almost all new investors make.

When you are new to investing, be extremely careful who you listen to, the industry is absolutely filled with straight up fake people who don’t know what they are talking about (trying to fake it before they make it), straight up con artists, people blinded by their own bias, it’s an absolute minefield. You have to do your own reserach and carefully screen out sources of advice.

The Esoteric Nature of Money

The Esoteric Nature of Money

Money is a form of energy, more accurately a store of energy, but energy none the less, so if you think of it as a flow of energy like water or electricity, it’s going to take the path of least resistance.

Money is a store of energy and it is attracted to certain people, if you gave everyone $1 million dollars, it would end up in the same hands in 10 years.

Money wants to circulate, it doesn’t like being couped up.

Understanding the esoteric nature of money as energy should help you to develop the mindset and actions required to be the kind of person money is attracted to.