Why Stop Losses Actually Increase Risk

Why Stop Losses Actually Increase Risk

In this video we are going to to discuss stop losses, why they are a bad idea and why they actually increase risk, despite what pretty much everyone says, they are a bad idea.

Small down movement lock in losses when the shares might rebound quickly.

When shares gap over a stop loss, you might not notice.

They create a false sense of security, especially with the threat of gapping, you might not pay attention as closely to news and your portfolio if you feel safe with your stops.

Use stop losses at your own peril, in most cases they increase risk, lock in losses and give you a false sense of security



ThinkorSwim Down Again? Do This NOW

What’s Wrong With ThinkorSwim?

A bunch of people are reporting Think or Swim desktop version is “glitching” on them this week.

Every platform has technical problems at some point.

It is bad timing though with Schwab’s aquisition of TDAmeritrade with the express purpose of using Think or Swim as their trading platform.

Could be a symptom of wider problems, hopefully not, but we will find out shortly.

I’m going to watch carefully today and maybe get ready to switch brokers in the near future.

Introducing The New Finance And Investing YouTube Channel

Introducing The New Finance And Investing YouTube Channel

Hi, my name is Will Compton and I’m so excited to be with you here right now. On this channel we’re going to be talking everything finance, investing in the stock market, options trading, investing in real estate, personal finance, making more money and financial news.

My main goal with this channel is to provide you with an absolute huge amount of value, giving you the knowledge you need to make smart investing decisions.

I also want to grow a community of like-minded, long-term growth investors who can be a brain-trust for me and eachother.

I want to form a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

I’m so excited to be starting this journey, there’s going to be a lot more videos coming and some other stuff in the works. There’s going to be some green days and some red days but we’re going to get through it together while making some mad gainz.

If you’re still watching this and any of that sounded something that might be up your alley, hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video.