This is a list of business building software, hardware and information you can use to get your business up and running or take it to the next level.

I personally use all of these things / services, and I only recommend things I use and love. This is the culmination of over a decade of building my own business and my client’s businesses.

There are some affiliate links below, so I do receive financial compensation if you buy through my links, but my committment to you (and myself) is: I only recommend services I personally use and love.


Brokerage / Trading Software

  • TDAmeritrade – My favorite trading platform and professional grade trading software (ThinkorSwim), I use on a daily basis to manage my individual stock and options portfolio.
  • Coinbase – This is the crypto trading platform I’m using to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Chainlink.
  • M1Finance – This is a unique brokerage platform I use to create my own index funds.
  • WeBull – This is a modern brokerage platform. I mainly use it for research and charting.

Business Software

  • WordPress – This is the content management software I used to build this very website (and all my other websites). You can install themes and plugins to extend the functions and build any kind of website you want. 
  • Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) – This is the professional grade (but free) software I use for all my livestreams and to record all my videos.
  • Hostgator – This is the hosting service I use to host my website. I’ve been with them from the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago. They have great up times and customer service.
  • Divi Theme – This is the WordPress theme I use to build all my websites including this one. It makes building websites drag-and-drop easy, fun and satisfying.
  • MailerLite – This is the autoresponder service I use to build contact lists and send emails.
  • LegalZoom – This is the legal service I use to form LLC’s, Corporations and Trusts.
  • Shopify – This is the shopping cart software I use to sell merch and courses on this site.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – This is the software suite I use to edit videos, thumbnails, encode and everything other multimedia need for my business.

Business Hardware

  • Sony A7III Mirrorless 4K Camera – After using Sony, Panasonic and Canon mirrorless cameras I have settled on the Sony Alpha 7 Mark III for my recording and livestreaming needs. When paired with the fast Sony lenses, they make for great indoor filming cameras because of their full-frame sensor.
  • Sony 20mm f1.8 Wide-Angle Lens – Amazing wide angle lens 
  • Sony 35mm f1.8 Portrait Lens – Amazing portrait lens
  • Rodecaster Pro audio interface – This is the audio interface I use when recording videos or livestreaming. Makes connecting an XLR mic to the computer plug-n-play. 
  • Rode Procaster Microphone – Great XLR Microphone, sounds amazing and looks cool.
  • Rode Shotgun Microphone – Great shotgun mic I use in my talking head videos
  • Rode Lavelier Microphone – Amazing lavalier mic I using for some of my videos
  • NZXT – Amazing computers at a great price, I’m using this right now for all my computing needs.

Business / Wealth Building Books